Monday, November 2, 2009

Jordan, Israel &Egypt

Haigler House Sphynx in Cairo, Egypt

Typical scene from a Greco-Roman Temple

The Garden Tomb

The sea of Galilee from Mt. Carmel

Hi everyone,
We just returned from a wonderful trip to the Holy Lands. It was so inspiring to actually see and walk in the same places that the Savior walked and performed many miracles. We were especially touched at the Garden Tomb to think about the Atonement and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As our guide so appropriately put it, the best thing about the tomb is that it is EMPTY! We all repeated the resounding AMEN!

Egypt was awesome with all it's amazing old Greco-Roman Egyptian Temples. Many date back to 3000BC. The Pyramids are even bigger and more amazing than they seem in pictures. We loved everything but it is good to be home and back to our house building project at Haigler Creek. The dreams are becoming reality and that is very exciting. Enjoy the pictures!

Love to all, Jana & Dale


Pat said...

Time to update your blog! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Cassi said...

Mom, you're so much better about blogging than I am! I am making an effort to be better, though. I love seeing your pictures, especially your travels and Haigler!