Sunday, May 3, 2009

The chain saw

Here is a little video clip that was supposed to be a still picture, but it provides the real sounds of the Dale's daily activities. The cedars around the lodge look great now thanks to Dale and his chain saw.

Work at Haigler Creek

Well, the work is moving forward and this week we are one step closer to building our retreat in the mountains. We don't have the septic tank in yet but they layout is done, the plans are in and we are awaiting the ok and permit to be issued. Also this week, a surveyor came out to put in a "benchmark" to make sure we build 16.6 feet above the creek and he determined that our property was at that level. That was great news because at first he said we needed to build up 6 feet. After a few more calculations and Dale's talking to him he said it was ok at ground level. We are planning to be up 3 feet anyway. We are now awaiting the plans to be reviewed by the county and the permits to be issued.
We are working really hard to clear all of the old dead wood and trees and each we burn for three or so days without stopping. Wow, it is looking nice and we are so pleased that it is so pretty up there. It is very rewarding even if our backs are sore and my fingers are stiff and swollen. We'll heal.
Enjoy the pictures.

Dale and Jana