Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beira Pictures November 25, 2007

Care For Life, Manga and downtown Beira

Beira Trip, November 2007

Wow! We really had a fun time in Beira. The chapel was gorgeous, the weather was lovely and we loved the slower-paced city with much less traffic. The famous coke bottles were something of an oddity.

We had some great dinning experiences--great food and good company, and yes we did do some work too. I taught two members several piano lessons and was able to help them learn to play and read with their left hand. It wasn't as hard as they thought. We set up the district's little distribution/family history center and got the computer set up for the FH.

We spent some time touring Mbatwe, one of Care For Life's community projects that has been very successful and then visited a local wood carver who lives in manga and arranged for some purchases the next day. Walking down the middle of the village to Vasco's house and taking pictures of all the cute kids on the way was really fun. We were able to see all six branches in Beira district. Inhumizua was lovely but it was too dark to get a picture. It is all outdoors, even the chapel. The fence is going up around the property in Manga which will have a new chapel just like the Beira chapel by next year. It's exciting!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mozambique Piano Recital

back row: Elder Dow, Kabe, Lourena, e Celso. front row: Sister Allred, Alice, Bina, Mércia, Suny, Lizi, Joaquina, Herménio, e Francisco.

Suny, Sister Allred, Joaquina, Lizi, Lourena, Francisco, e Kabe
Sister Allred, Lourena, Joaquina, e Alice

October 20, 2007 Recital Day

What I really love about my mission is teaching members to play the piano! I have always loved teaching music and this is such a joy to see and hear them learn to play the hymns and to then play for their sacrament meetings and the baptisms. On Saturday the 20th, Elder Dow, who also teaches some members in the Magoanine branch, and I held a recital for our students so that they could play for each other. Some are just beginning and others are playing the simplified hymns with two hands, but all are working hard and practicing to learn the skills needed to succeed. Some were unable to attend because of work, school or other obligations but we had a great time and all those who participated earned a certificate of acheivement and participation. Hope you enjoy the pictures!