Monday, October 5, 2009

Oct. General Conference Weekend 2009

The back of the house with Dale meditating. This is the garden entrance to our new home

Success! Julie finally caught a crawdad.

What a surprise to be awakened at 1:30 in the morning with a knocking on the window outside and a light shining through the window at Haigler. I awoke and wondered who was there. It was a little scary but it was the Smiths just arriving. What a fun time we have all had watching conference and enjoying a turkey dinner that Bob and Peggy cooked for us on Sunday. The talks were awesome and inspiring. The weather was wonderful and we were thankful that it didn't rain and get our house under construction wet again. The woodens, Peggy & Bob with Kevin and April and their families, the Smiths, Cord and Gayla and kids, Art & Jacque and Ashley and friend were all here with Dale and I.
Between conference sessions the Smiths and dale and I went walking up the creek to explore and they also had the grand tour of our house in its framed in stage. It has been a lovely weekend.

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