Monday, September 24, 2007

Maputo English class

September 24, 2007
Tomorrow is a huge holiday in mozambique! It's like their Independence Day. All of the stores were very crowded as people stocked up on food for their celebrations. There wasn't much left at Shoprite. Sister Wick and I had the delightful task of taking the Elders to their homes in T3 and Magoanine. It took us 3 hours to accomplish this because of the horrific traffic and because the Elders were about 45 minutes late. It's the last time for that! Anyway, the huge rain clouds that looked so threatening have not materialized and we merely got a few sprinkles.

I am posting a picture that we just got from Elder Bowler, who is the Elder in it and who helps teach the English class. This is a picture of Sister Wick's surprise birthday party. These are all of our friends from the Maputo English class. Under Elder Bowler's arms is my student Emanual who loves to play the piano. Behind me is Lara who is in the primary presidency.

Sister Wick is holding a picture that was drawn by Sarita, Lara's daughter who is kneeling and next to Lara. Nilsa, who came here 13 years ago from Brazil, is on my right. The picture is a very cool pastel of a Mozambican map and has many fun African designs drawn into the map. Elder Bowler and I loved it so much that two weeks later she brought one that she had made for each of us. We have a lot of fun in the class and love these people alot.